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According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Scott is one of the top comedians working today.” With over 20 years of experience as a stand-up, Scott is a headliner in major clubs across the country, has had many television appearances, and is the go-to comedian for a wide array of companies and organizations looking for “corporate clean” comedy. Scott is known for his story-driven comedy with unique characters, funny voices, and great physicality. Scott can do a stand-up show at your event, or offer comic touches within a scripted program.


Scott has made his mark as the go-to corporate emcee for some of the top companies in the world. Scott is known for his ability to create an engaging event through his energy and upbeat personality. He’s also trusted to handle the complex demands of a corporate event including multi-media elements, strict timelines, teleprompter, and earpiece direction/prompting. Scott is collaborative and will meet or rehearse in advance to ensure the program runs smoothly. Scott clients routinely praise his dedication to making each event the best it can be and comment on how easy it is to work with him.


Auctions can be one of the most lively events of a program, but can also be disorganized and overly long without an experienced auctioneer. Scott is experienced in helping organizations maximize the fundraising from their auctions by running them efficiently and keeping the audience engaged and focused.


Scott and his clients have had a great deal of success doing interviews directed to cover key talking points as an alternative to scripted speeches. Many companies have commented how this seemingly simple change made the events much more interesting and lively – it’s always surprising how funny and engaging people can be when they have the chance to speak in a less scripted way, and it makes for a more entertaining and less monotonous experience for the audience. Scott is an experienced interviewer who can work off-the-cuff or follow pre-determined questions and talking points. Interviews can be done on-camera in advance, or can be done live, and they also make for a great promotional tool for future events.


You may recognize Scott’s voice from over 50 commercials for Netflix, Michelob, Honda, Fram and many more. He is also currently narrating a show for the Travel Channel. Scott can lend his voice to your videos or other voice needs such as introductions or recorded announcements. His commanding voice is a tremendous asset in helping to get people’s attention and focus at events both large and small.

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