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Case Studies


Skilled Emcee for High-profile Grand Openings

Microsoft hosted major grand openings of retail stores across the country. The events were high-profile and high-budget, and featured marquee performers such as Maroon 5 and Cee Lo Green.


With large budgets on the line, Microsoft needed an emcee they could trust to run massive, 10-hour events with multiple stages and a variety of high-pressure demands. The host was tasked with running interactive audience participation games, interviewing crowd members “on the fly,” and speaking at length about featured products. In addition, the host managed a fast-paced and tightly managed schedule, which was particularly important because major performers such as Cee Lo Green and Maroon 5 were participating in the events and had contractual time limitations.


The Microsoft store openings attracted record-breaking crowds and garnered major attention for the fun-filled, interactive days of entertainment they provided for their customers. Microsoft was delighted with Scott���s ability to communicate about their products using their talking points, blended with his own brand of humor and energy, which got customers excited about the products. They were also particularly happy with how smoothly and efficiently the events were run, allowing them to stay on schedule, meet their contractual time obligations to their high-profile musical acts, and provide an excellent entertainment experience for their customers.


Entertaining Host for American-Idol Style Competition

Argent Mortgage, a leading U.S. lending company, launched an American Idol-style event coined, “Argent Idol.” Making its way through 3 major U.S. cities, the tour treated Argent employees to a fun-filled gala event topped off by an Idol-style singing competition.


Argent wanted a “Ryan Seacrest type” host that could run the event so it would be as smooth, entertaining, and polished as the American Idol show that inspired it. Each 800-person event required a wide range of hosting skills, including live interviews of each contestant, skilled teleprompter use, and extensive scripted work.


Argent Idol was a smash hit, and employees and executives provided overwhelming feedback that it was the funnest corporate event in which they had ever participated. The company was delighted with the event’s success in helping to achieve the goals of fostering camaraderie, loyalty, and deeper sense of community amongst its employees. The following year, Scott followed up Argent Idol with a 3-city tour of “Argent Feud” – a Family Feud style event, and was hired for a third year to run Argent’s annual sales awards events across the country. Unfortunately, he was unable to avert the global mortgage crisis…


Polished Emcee for Elegant Black Tie Ball with Multi-Media Demands

The San Diego chapter of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF) hosts an annual black tie event for 400 guests. This elegant affair has been responsible for raising over $11 million to fund Diabetes research in the last decade.


JDRF was seeking an experienced master-of-ceremonies to guide its multi-media gala event, which includes videos, presenters, an auction, and live entertainment. JDRF wanted a host with impeccable skills and preparation to match the polish and sophistication of the event, and a skilled hand to keep the expansive event running on-time. They were also particularly sensitive to keeping any remarks clean and appropriate, after having had a negative experience with a prior host.


Having extensive experience hosting events of this caliber, Scott was able to run a highly polished evening that stayed true to the formality of the event, while infusing it with lightness and humor at appropriate times. His collaborative and service-oriented approach, which includes extensive script preparation, pre-event meetings, and availability for rehearsals, has led to him hosting this event for three years in a row. In addition, he was also invited to work with another chapter of JDRF.


Fun Comedian with Material Tailored to Major Charity Event

The Marine Scholarship Foundation has raised over $60 million in private donations to fund educational scholarships to children of Marines. The Los Angeles chapter runs an annual golf tournament, including an evening of awards and entertainment.


The Marine Scholarship Foundation was looking for a fun and entertaining stand-up comedian to provide a light counterpoint to its heartfelt evening of awards and presentations. The Foundation wanted a comedian who could tailor their show to include military and golf humor that would be relatable to the tournament’s sponsors and participants. They were also looking for a comedian with the experience and judgment to “feel the room” and use their own discretion on tone and material to ensure the crowd had a good time. The instructions were to, “Get close to the line, but don’t cross it.”


The Marine Scholarship Foundation was delighted by Scott’s show, which contained the military and golf humor they had requested, along with a deep spirit of patriotism that Scott has developed from entertaining the U.S. troops in over 50 countries (including Iraq and Afghanistan). As a result of his successful participation, Scott and the Marine Scholarship Foundation have forged an ongoing collaboration – Scott has participated in the event for 7 years, and has joined the Board of Directors, where he has served for 4 years. Scott was recently honored by the Foundation with a prestigious award for outstanding leadership and service.

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